The targeted further training of employees is an important cornerstone of success for companies. We offer seminars on the following topics:
Effective sourcing from China - all around China import


  • The Chinese poker face: How do I see through negotiations with Chinese suppliers?
  • How do I use sourcing websites like Alibaba and wisely?
  • How can I identify fraudulent activities on sourcing platforms such as Alibaba?
  • How do I assess a Chinese supplier? What are the criteria? - the "3-K" principle
  • Which aspects do I have to consider when drafting contracts with Chinese suppliers?
  • How do I deal with delivery delays?
  • How does payment monitoring work during order processing?
  • What secure payment methods are there?
  • How do I make sure that my products in China are not copied by the suppliers?
  • What do I do if my Chinese suppliers suddenly increase the price drastically?
  • How can I negotiate the best conditions with Chinese suppliers without endangering product quality?
  • What certificates does my supplier need? How do I judge whether the certificates of my suppliers are genuine?
  • How do I build up my suppliers so that a stable supply relationship functions in the long term?
  • How and where can I optimize my sourcing processes?
  • How can I design the quality control on site effectively and cost-effectively?
  • How can I optimize my logistics processes so that delivery dates and cost targets are met? Sea freight, air freight, truck, express ...
  • How do I position my complaint with suppliers?
  • How do I assert my interests? Help, customs control! What do I have to do now?
Opening up the Chinese market


  • How large is the market potential for your product in China? Who are my customers?
  • Is there a market entry barrier? What are these?
  • Who are your competitors? How is the market currently divided among the competitors? How are the competing products positioned on the market in terms of price? What is the sales structure of the competitors?
  • In what form is it possible to open up a market? Which strategy fits best?
  • Which distribution channels are there? How can I reach my customers most effectively?
  • Which market positioning should my products achieve and which brand strategy will help?
  • How can I protect my products against piracy?
  • What support is needed to open up new markets? What time frame do I have to plan for this?
  • How can the achievement of objectives be checked promptly and effectively?
  • When is a strategy adjustment necessary?
E-Commerce in China


  • How big is the potential of the e-commerce market in China?
  • What is the structure of the Chinese e-commerce platforms? What are the differences between the platforms?
  • Which audience is active on which platforms? Which platform is suitable for the distribution of my products?
  • How much does a start in China e-business cost?
  • What are the technical and logistical requirements for e-commerce stores in China?
  • What role does social media marketing play? How can social media increase e-commerce sales?
  • How can I check the sales performance of e-commerce?
Intercultural Training China


  • What are the basic values in Chinese culture?
  • Why are the Chinese so different from the Europeans?
  • How can taboo topics be avoided when dealing with Chinese partners? What taboo topics are there at all?
  • Will my "direct" communication really annoy my Chinese partners and endanger the business? How does "indirect" communication work with Chinese people?
  • What is meant by "loss of face" in Chinese culture? What are the typical examples?
  • How do I recognize that my Chinese business partners feel uncomfortable?
  • What role does hierarchy play for the Chinese? How does it affect cooperation with Chinese partners?
  • What are the communication channels with Chinese partners? Is it necessary to have WeChat, QQ etc. in order to be able to communicate more effectively with Chinese partners?
  • Expat in China: Good preparation is half the battle. Where do you start? What is important to keep in mind?