Marketing and Sales

As a marketing all-rounder agency we offer the following services to our clients:


Brand building (brand building incl. Chinese name, web presence adapted to the complex Chinese culture, brand value and corporate identity adapted to the Chinese market)


Trademark registration

Chinese customers attach great importance to branded products. Products from Western Europe enjoy a high reputation in China. A trademark application in China is considered one of the most important steps in market entry. Unfortunately, a trademark application at WIPO does not offer sufficient security in practice. In order to effectively protect your trademark in China, trademark registration with CTMO (China Trademark Office) is the best option. The trademark application at CTMO is a complex process and takes a lot of time. We offer you professional advice and accompany you through the entire CTMO application process.



The Chinese language is fundamentally different from European languages. Each Chinese character has its own meaning. A translation of the brand name is the cornerstone for the Chinese market. Many well-known brands, such as Mercedes or BMW, have taken this basic principle very seriously when transferring brand names and have thus achieved a high level of brand identity on the Chinese market. Mercedes in Chinese means "Ben Chi", for example, "fast race". BWM means as much as "valuable horse". All this has a direct and content-related connection to the product. A good Chinese name is like a rebirth for a brand on the Chinese market.


We support you in transferring your brand name into easily understandable Chinese names so that the Chinese brand name embodies its brand values as well as being easily understood and accepted.


Web presence and brand value

Since Chinese society is now very much focused on digital media, a Chinese web presence is indispensable for brand building. It is particularly important to strike a good balance between one's own brand identity and adaptation to Chinese culture. On the one hand, the brand should remain authentic and convey its own brand values uniformly throughout the world. On the other hand, special features of the Chinese market must be taken into account.


Cooperate Identity

We help you to create a serious image of your company in China. This includes the business equipment, i.e. business cards, company paper, handouts or e-mail signatures.


Development of sales channels: online and offline

In order to increase sales, companies in China need effective sales channels. With over 50% of China's population active on the Internet, online distribution is inevitable for businesses. The media landscape for sales platforms in China can be divided among several large companies, such as Taobao, Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo,Weipinhui, Xiaohongshu. In addition, there are a number of smaller platforms that specialize in specific industries, such as 蘑菇街, 贝贝,一号街etc. It is imperative to develop a strategy on which platform to choose and how to increase sales on the platforms through sales campaigns.

Compared to online sales, the stationary sales network is another important pillar. Due to the large size of the country, it is often advisable to take regional cultures into account and to organize and decentralize sales at provincial level. In practice, sales partnerships at the regional level are also often very successful.


We can support you both in online sales development and in establishing partnerships at the regional level. Please simply contact us.


Social media strategy and implementation

The social media channels in China are equipped with a wide range of functions. They are more like a mix of social media and sales platforms. Most social media platforms are equipped with functions such as shopping and electronic payments. Word-of-mouth propaganda also has an economic component in the social media platforms, so that by recommendation of a friend a product is directly sponsored to buy or that by recommendation of a friend one can acquire products at very favourable price. The typical example is 拼多多。


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing in China is popular and effective. Influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) often bring measurable marketing and sales effects. Certain KOLs are well known in China and can drive a marketing campaign to the top within a short period of time. For example, there is one KOL named Li Jiaqi, a young man who tests different lipsticks every day. In a marketing campaign, he sold 15,000 lipsticks within 5 minutes. Such phenomena are not uncommon in China.


But how do you reach such KOL in order to get a cooperation? There are different influencers on different media who also have different profiles. We determine for you who is the right influencer for your company.


We help you to set your goals for influencer marketing, to find the right influencer, to make the cooperation with influencers effective and to analyze the effectiveness of influencer marketing.



Corporate PR Communications and Search Engine Marketing

Corporate image and brand awareness can be continuously improved through PR work.


The Chinese search engine Baidu has a dominant role. Registration in Baidu is absolutely necessary and useful. In addition, contributions auf搜狗、知乎、头条 also help to increase brand awareness. Running SEO and SEA on the major search engines is one of the most important marketing and sales methods and is already practiced by many companies.


As its own mouthpiece, a company can maintain its own 微博with content contributions and provide an interactive platform for fans.


Marketing materials like brochure, flyer, handouts

We work together with competent printers and promotional product manufacturers in China and can offer our customers high-quality print materials. From business cards, flyers, brochures to promotional items. We can implement all this cost-effectively with our partner companies in China. We not only implement your concept, but also give you professional advice on design, materials and technical feasibility. Last but not least, we provide a control service to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Just ask us!